EQUITA Medicare Leads Make The Difference

EQUITA Medicare Leads ensure your success in a profitable insurance market that spans the country. Specialists in providing security and peace of mind to the rapidly growing senior market, EQUITA recruits, trains and shares the marketing campaign costs of career-minded insurance agents and managers like yourself.
EQUITA creates successful Medicare Leads campaigns for you by aiming at tightly defined demographic groups in high-return areas of America. Unique direct mailings are initiated on your behalf in the territories that you specify; the resulting responsive, qualified, ready to buy Medicare insurance leads are delivered to you online.

Fresh Medicare Leads

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads for you are developed from responsive insurance prospects in territories that you specify.

Territories That Are Your Own

Your territory remains yours only. Name the areas you want to work, be productive in them, and they remain yours always.

Multi-Product Opportunity

Medicare leads from EQUITA make possible add-on sales of Final Expense, Long Term Care and a continuing stream of newly-created products.
medicare supplement leadsProducing A Continuing Stream of Fresh, Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Requires Heavy Investment.
EQUITA meets that challenge for the benefit of you, our agent, by continuously investing in our own printshop.
Delivering  your continuous stream of targeted direct mail Medicare leads is much easier with an in-house printer! Communications are fast and accurate, new product changes can be implemented easily, and adjustments to deliver just the amount of leads you need can be managed swiftly.  Your Medicare leads from EQUITA are never purchased from outside sources, nor are they ever sold to other companies.  When you are an EQUITA agent, your leads are produced by us alone, from areas you specify, by our in-house printshop, solely for your benefit.